Build wooden shelter yourself from a Euro pallet - video instructions

Build wooden shelter yourself from a Euro pallet - video instructions

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Not long, then we can probably expect the first snow. Whether I am happy about it or not is an open question. In any case, our fireplace will be heated up again regularly. The problem with us is that the wood rent is quite a distance from the house. When the first 20 centimeters of snow are lying, Schnick Schnack Schnuck is used to select who can boot through the snow to get wood.

In order to make it a little easier for me this year, I was looking for a possibility for our covered terrace. I didn't want a simple basket, it should be something for the eye. That's when I came across the brothersact video. Here, an old Euro pallet is converted into a wooden shelter - not too big, but still sufficient to accommodate a few logs. Just so much that you don't have to get something new every day. The Europallet wooden shelter fits under every terrace and also under somewhat larger roof overhangs. If necessary, you can still cover the wood with a tarpaulin so that it does not get wet.

Cost of this wooden shelter: not more than 10 euros. If you still have a Euro pallet and some screws lying around, you don't even pay anything for it. How do you find this solution?