Video: pile roses - it's that easy

Video: pile roses - it's that easy

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Roses are popular with most hobby gardeners. If you want to enjoy the beautiful flowers every year, don't forget to winterize your roses in the cold season. This also includes piling up the roses - a job that is often forgotten.

In this video, Jörg Schneider from the Schneider garden nursery in Berlin Kladow explains why piling is so important and, above all, how to do it. He also gives tips on pruning the roses. A very informative video, if you don't know how to prepare your roses for winter.

Important NOTE:

In the case of standard roses, the processing point is directly under the crown. Special winter protection is required here to protect the plant from freezing. Jute sacks or special foils are particularly suitable here. This allows you to pack the entire crown and protect it from frost. You can get jute sacks in most DIY stores, garden centers or online for less than 10 euros.

DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS! Here the air heats up too much and would cause the plant to sprout earlier.