Multiply peonies by seeds - this is how it's done

Multiply peonies by seeds - this is how it's done

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Multiplying peonies by seeds is not for impatient gardeners. If you still want to try it out, you will find instructions here.

Multiplying peonies by seeds is a test of patience

It is certainly not particularly difficult to pull peonies out of seeds and thus multiply them. However, it is only a worthwhile matter for patient amateur gardeners who want to grow their plants in peace and with much love and watch them thrive. The propagation variant is therefore absolutely not for gardeners who want to see success quickly, because it can take a long time before the first flowers can be seen.

When is the best time for propagation?

The best time to propagate peonies is from September to October. You either have to take seeds from your own plant at the beginning of autumn or buy seeds from a nursery.

How to propagate peonies by seeds:

1 Plant the seeds in deep seed trays that you have previously filled with nutrient-rich cactus soil. Then place the bowls in a partially shaded place. It is then important that you always keep the soil moist.

2 The first plant shoots can be seen in spring. However, the seedlings remain underground. Now you need to add sandy substrate and some quartz to the soil.

3As the plants have developed a deep root system in spring, you have to start repotting. It is best to use deep palm tubs for this. This gives your peonies plenty of space to develop.

4In summer you have to put the little plants in partial shade. In August at the latest, you must then fertilize and ensure that the soil is rich in nutrients. Now seedling growth will stagnate until spring.

5In autumn, you can plant the peonies in their final location. Just like fully grown plants, they can then spend the winter outdoors without any problems. However, later it is important that you support the peonies.