Video: wintering fig trees properly - tips & tricks from professionals

Video: wintering fig trees properly - tips & tricks from professionals

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The fig tree is one of the most popular Mediterranean plants in German gardens. However, many still shy away from bringing a fig tree into their own garden. After all, the winters in the Mediterranean are not as cold as in the north. But you can still bring a fig tree in Germany well over the winter without causing any damage. The "how" is only important.

Mr. Schneider from the Schneider tree nursery in Berlin has published a very informative video with many tips and tricks. So he says that when hibernating, it is not only the optimal packaging that is important, but also the location of the plant. In the northern part of Germany in particular, a fig tree needs more protection than a plant in wine-growing regions in southern Germany.

If you want to give your plant the best possible winter protection, you should definitely watch the video.

Did you know?

Figs are small bombs of energy. They contain a lot of fructose and fiber and give you power for the whole day. They also have a digestive effect.

My advice: It is best to eat the dried figs. Here the concentration of the ingredients is significantly higher - just like the energy content and the effect.