Wintering Avocado - How To Do It Right

Wintering Avocado - How To Do It Right

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If you want to enjoy your avocado plant again next year, you have to bring it home in good time. Avocados are not hardy.

Avocados are not used to temperatures at and below freezing

The avocado is actually native to the humid tropical rainforest of Central America. Accordingly, she is not used to the temperatures at and below freezing. So if you grow avocados in the garden but don't bring them home in time or even leave them outside all winter, you have to assume that they won't survive the cold temperatures. And that would be a real shame. After all, it is so easy to get avocados well over the winter.

This is how your avocados overwinter properly

➤ The right location:

While it is possible to leave an avocado outdoors until the first frost, it is advisable to bring the plant in at milder temperatures. In this way you avoid excessive temperature differences and thus early expulsion. So bring your avocado plants into the house in good time and then place them in a bright location at room temperature. You can also put the avocados in a heated greenhouse. The only thing that is important is a constant warm temperature.

➤ The right care:

If the avocados are now in the house, you only need to water them sparingly. The substrate is also allowed to dry out. However, warm temperatures and dry heating air are a breeding ground for various pests. So that these do not appear at all, it is best to shower off the plant regularly. Make sure that the plant does not get too much water, otherwise the avocado will get brown leaves.

When there is no longer any danger of night frost in spring, you can put the avocado back in the garden or on the balcony. Before going outside again, however, it is advisable to transplant the avocados straight away into a larger pot.