Candying ginger - How to make the sweet and spicy snack yourself

Candying ginger - How to make the sweet and spicy snack yourself

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It is a bit time-consuming, but it is always worth it: if you are a true ginger fan, you should definitely candy ginger yourself. You have two options.

Candying ginger is a bit expensive Candied ginger is one of the insider tips among sweets. After all, many know the Asian ginger tuber only as an ingredient in Chinese or Indian dishes or as an accompaniment to sushi. But the candied aromatic tuber also cuts a good figure. If you like ginger in the hearty form, you will also like to eat it candied. And of course you don't have to buy the candied ginger ready. You can also make the delicious candy with the very special taste yourself.

But one thing should be said in advance: the most important ingredient in candying ginger is patience. The ginger has to pull through before it can be candied. You have to plan around four days for the entire candying process. If this should take too long for you, we recommend the "express version" overnight.

For both variants you need:

  • 500 g fresh ginger
  • 5 cups of sugar
  • approx. 2 liters of water
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • a lemon sliced

Preparation over several days:

Peel the fresh ginger and cut it into thin strips. Then put in a saucepan and pour in enough water until it is covered. Then bring the ginger to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes until the pieces are tender. Then add a cup of sugar, bring everything to the boil again, pull the pot off the stove and cover and leave the ginger covered overnight.

2 Let the ginger simmer for 10 minutes the next day. Then add the next cup of sugar and the lemon wedges. Bring everything to a boil again, then let the pot run through again for one night.

3Do the same procedure again on the third day: bring the ginger to the boil and add a cup of sugar. Now you have to stir a lot, otherwise the pieces of ginger can burn easily! After about 20 minutes simmer (always stir), a cup of sugar comes back into the pot. Again, everything has to boil once before you can set the pot aside to pull through overnight.

4On the fourth day, remove the lemon, add the last cup of sugar and simmer the ginger while stirring until the syrup thickens. Now pour the mass through a sieve and then let the ginger pieces drain on a grid. Finally, all you have to do is roll the pieces in sugar.

➤ Tip:

Be sure to catch the ginger syrup when pouring. You can then use it to sweeten tea or as a seasoning for Asian dishes.

Express version:

Also boil the ginger with water until it is cooked. Then drain and put it back into the pot together with approx. 1 liter of cold water. Now add 4 cups of sugar and a pinch of salt. Simmer this mixture while stirring until the ginger becomes glassy and almost all of the water in the pot has evaporated. Then roll the ginger pieces in sugar.