Put onions - this is how it's done

Put onions - this is how it's done

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With a delicious steak, pickled vegetables taste particularly delicious. Have you ever put onions yourself? Simply delicious. Here is a simple guide.

Basically, you can pickle any kind of onion sourly, it is of course particularly easy with the small pearl onions, since you do not have to cut them into pieces. In any case, it is important that the onions are in perfect condition. Older onions with almost rotten and withered areas are not suitable for this.

If you prefer a strong aroma with a good level of spiciness, you should use normal kitchen onions. In contrast, the aromatic red onions are milder in taste and not so spicy. The particularly large vegetable onions, shallots or silver onions are also suitable for pickling. Decide according to your taste and then you can start.

Prepare onions

Before the onions can be pickled in vinegar, they must be prepared accordingly. First, they are carefully peeled. There are about two larger onions on a large mason jar. If the onions are quite large, they still have to be cut into rings or bite-size pieces.

" Tip: By the way, the onions are easier to peel if you put them in warm water for a few minutes beforehand.

Ingredients for pickling onions

What exactly you put the onions in is a matter of taste, there are many different variants. Usually vinegar is sufficient, which is also particularly low in calories. However, there is also a sweet and sour version, in which honey or sugar are used in addition to the vinegar. Of course, this also drives up the calories.

A good vinegar should be used for the pickling, for example balsamic vinegar in red or white, red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar of good quality. You can also add various spices to the jars. For the spices, there are, for example, peppercorns, chili peppers, mustard seeds or ginger to choose from. You can also replace water with a little wine. There are no limits to your taste. Anything that pleases and above all tastes is allowed.

Put onions

1 The selected ingredients are all put in a large saucepan, then the prepared onions come in. The vegetables are now cooked in this vinegar brew for about three to four minutes. Then take the onions out of the saucepan and put them hot in the preserving jars.

" Tip: You should rinse the mason jars thoroughly with hot water beforehand.

2 After layering the onions in the jars, pour the broth over them to just below the rim. They must then be sealed airtight immediately. In this variant, the onions in the dark cellar last longer than a year. Once a jar has been opened, keep the rest in the fridge.