Video: Make spinach feta quiche yourself - this is guaranteed to work

Video: Make spinach feta quiche yourself - this is guaranteed to work

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Fresh spinach can still be harvested in many gardens. A wonderful thing, because this way, fresh vegetables from your own harvest are served on the table even in the cold season.

Once again I was looking for a new spinach recipe and came across this spinach feta quiche. It sounds incredibly delicious and if you watch the video, it really makes your mouth water.

If you have not yet tried a quiche and have a little respect for it, you shouldn't click away again. Here everything is explained in detail and explains why it is so important to use cold butter for a quiche. Just give it a try. With this detailed step-by-step guide, nothing can go wrong.

Did you know?

Spinach contains valuable ingredients. In addition to iron, you will find a lot of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and beta carotene here. Yes exactly beta carotene and that although spinach is not orange. Even a bowl of spinach can meet the daily requirement of vitamin K and beta carotene. The spinach is even said to protect the memory from premature aging. To achieve this, however, you have to eat spinach regularly twice a week.