Peonies don't bloom - causes & tips for a beautiful bloom

Peonies don't bloom - causes & tips for a beautiful bloom

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As summer approaches, the peonies will finally bloom again. They don't do that for you? No panic! The problem can usually be solved quickly.

If peonies don't bloom there can be several reasons

Every year at the beginning of summer, when the flowers of the peonies open, numerous hobby gardeners look forward to a heavenly ambience in their green oasis. Did you also hope for it, but it just doesn't want to work properly? Then don't give up. We will show you various causes and give you valuable tips below, with which your peonies will soon bloom splendidly.

Causes and treatment tips

If the flowers of the peonies do not or hardly bloom, it is important to know the causes. Because only then can you counteract this and give your plant what it needs to show its flowers. We'll explain in more detail what peonies don't like and how you should act instead:


Peonies are sedentary plants. They don't like changing location at all and can quickly die. So it's best to leave your peonies where they are.

Care section:

If you cut away too much of the peonies, they will shrink quickly. Therefore, only remove withered areas. It is best to use a clipper for this.


Peonies are among the most demanding plants and need a lot of nutrients in order to fully develop their flowers. It is best to use organic fertilizers such as compost or horn shavings. Carefully work the fertilizer into the soil with a claw and make sure that you do not injure the roots.

Permeable soil:

If the soil is too firm and hardly lets moisture through, your plant cannot absorb all the necessary nutrients. Therefore use loose and permeable soil such as gravel.

Sunny location:

The peony is a real sun worshiper. If it is in a shady place, it will most likely die. Therefore, always make sure that your plant is supplied with enough sunlight.