Planning a shed - 7 points to help you

Planning a shed - 7 points to help you

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The door too small and too little space, once the garden house is standing, you can hardly change anything. Therefore, the following applies: plan correctly before buying.

If you like to be in your garden and enjoy the beauty of the plants, sooner or later you will surely long for a garden shed. All devices that are necessary for working in the garden can be stowed away easily and neatly there. So that the joy of the house lasts a long time, the purchase should not be rushed, but planned in peace.

Enjoy the new shelter for a long time

    Do I need a building permit?

    The question quickly arises as to whether a building permit is required for a shed. Since this is handled differently from state to state, it is worth calling the building authority. In general, it can be said that approval is not necessary for a garden shed without a toilet and lounge - but it is better to ask the office what it looks like in your individual case.

    With or without a foundation?

    Depending on the size of the tool shed, it is also worth thinking about a foundation. Depending on the budget, there are different versions from which you can choose. The advantage of a foundation is that the house has a longer lifespan and is also more stable.

    Garden shed made of wood or metal?

    If you choose a garden shed (I highly recommend Biohort's shed!), It is beneficial to let a metal model take precedence over wood. Anyone who pays attention to choosing rustproof metal has hardly any work to take care of their house. A wooden house, on the other hand, must be maintained at regular intervals. And glazes are expensive, I can assure you!

    How big should my garden shed be?

    You should carefully consider which devices you want to place there. While tools and small garden tools on shelves on the wall hardly take up space, a scarifier or lawnmower takes up significantly more space. Maybe you want to use the tool shed to store bicycles there? They can be conveniently attached to the wall using a bracket and are not in the way, but this must be taken into account when deciding on the size.

    Do I need a window in the garden shed?

    If you want to set up a small workbench in the tool shed (mine is from Küpper), it makes sense to attach a window to the corresponding side. In daylight it works much more comfortably than always having to switch on a lamp.

    How wide must the door be?

    Which door is used in the garden house is also a question that should not be underestimated. If a wide lawn mower or even a ride-on lawn mower is often in use, it may make sense to select a double wing door. If both doors are open, bulky devices can be brought in without any problems.

    Do you have help with setting up?

    Not to be forgotten is the set-up itself: in any case, make sure that one helper is there during the set-up - two are better. Instead of giving up alone and frustrated at some point, it is much easier to set up with several people and you will soon enjoy your new shelter.