Video: make chestnut soup yourself - recipe & cooking instructions

Video: make chestnut soup yourself - recipe & cooking instructions

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Chestnuts are an integral part of the pre-Christmas season. Most people know the nuts from the Christmas market, where you can get them freshly roasted in small bags. The enjoyment is not limited to the Christmas market. Fresh chestnuts are available in many supermarkets from autumn. You can then prepare this into a delicious soup. Soups are very popular, especially in the cold season, to really heat up the body from the inside.

Don't know how to make a chestnut soup? The video of Stephan's pleasure zone set above shows step by step how a delicious soup works. Here you get a quick, easy recipe and detailed cooking instructions. Nothing can go wrong with that.

Have fun cooking!

Did you know?

Chestnuts (also called chestnuts) can be planted in your own garden without much effort. If you start with a seedling, you must expect that the tree will only bear the first fruits after about 10 years. Furthermore, there should be at least one, better still two, other sweet chestnut plants in the immediate vicinity, since the sweet chestnut is not a self-pollinator.