Video: Build a fireplace yourself - How to create cosiness

Video: Build a fireplace yourself - How to create cosiness

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There is a winter break in many gardens. But who says that you can't use the cozy season to get inspiration for the coming year ?! We would like to build a fireplace as soon as the weather permits. It should be relatively central and serve as a place for relaxation and barbecuing. So much for our imagination.

During my research I came across the video from iDeen DIY. The fireplace shown here can be built with few materials and without much effort. The size of the actual fireplace can be individually adjusted according to taste and local conditions. I find it particularly practical that the space under the bench is used for firewood. So you don't always have to get up, you just have to reach under the bench once.

If you still have the project “Feuerstelle” in front of you, you should definitely watch this video!

Important NOTE:

Plan your fireplace with a generous distance to neighboring houses, garages or other easily flammable buildings. You should also always bear in mind that fire also means smoke. Before your fire, let your neighbors know that they can close the windows in good time and, for example, take laundry off the line.

On the other hand, you should not forget that campfires must always be registered with the municipality. They can also be prohibited in particularly hot and dry summers.