Drying celery - enjoyment all year round

Drying celery - enjoyment all year round

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Dried celery is often used as a spice in soups and stews. You don't necessarily have to buy the spice. Celery is easy to dry yourself. How? We'll tell you here.

Often only the tubers or stems of the celery are used in the kitchen and the aromatic leaves are thrown away. The leaves of the celery can be dried extremely well and the intense, aromatic flavor can be preserved. I have often heard that the spice from the glass should not taste strange or give off the taste that is actually known from celery. One more reason to try it yourself.

With a little patience and without much effort, this can be done quite easily. The herbal salt obtained lasts for several months, so you can season some soups, stews and roasting stocks with it.

Intense taste slightly preserved

➔ You need:

  • the leaves of 1 to 2 celery tubers
  • a baking sheet
  • a screw jar with a lid

➔ And this is how it is done:

❶ First cut the leaves from the celery tuber and tie the herb together in a bundle.

❷ Hang this bundle upside down in a dry, warm place and let it dry for about 3 days.

❸ Then remove the bundle with the slightly dried celery herb and chop the leaves.

❹ Now place the chopped leaves on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and let them dry. A warm, dry place is also suitable for this. The leaves should be dry after about 8 to 10 days.

❺ Now you can fill them in a screw-top jar and have herbs with an intense aroma that you can use as a seasoning for soups, vegetable dishes or salads.