Prefer Eggplants - How To Do It Right

Prefer Eggplants - How To Do It Right

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If you want to harvest plenty of eggplants, you have to know one thing above all: they don't grow very well outdoors. Therefore it is advisable to prefer the eggplants.

Eggplants need a lot of heat

The same applies to aubergines as to zucchini and tomatoes: if you want to harvest abundantly, you must prefer the heat-loving vegetables from the south, since the summers in our latitudes are often only moderately warm. While in Mediterranean countries it is perfectly sufficient to put eggplant seeds in place, you should start early with us if you want to harvest the purple vegetables in a satisfactory amount. After all, the summer season with us is usually only short.

When is the best time to prefer the vegetables?

Eggplants have a long germination time and also take a relatively long time to develop fruit after planting. If you want to speed up this process, you should start sowing in late January or early February.

How to properly prefer eggplants

1Seed the eggplants in a room greenhouse in small plant pots or bowls with growing soil. Then place a cover over the growing container or use transparent film. It is now important that you place the growing container in a bright place and keep the seeds evenly moist. The temperature must also be constant at 25 ° C during germination.

2In the coming days, it is important that you ventilate the film every other day. Once the seeds have risen, you can remove them completely. About 20 days later, when the first correct leaves emerge after the cotyledons, it is time to convert the plants into larger single pots.

3Only in mid-May, when the outside temperatures are constant and there is no longer any danger of frost, you can plant the aubergines in the open field at a distance of about 50 cm in the weakly acidic to neutral soil. A very sunny place, where the aubergines get a lot of heat and light, is an advantage. It is also advisable to put some rotten manure or horn shavings and compost into the planting hole. This means that the eggplants are supplied with nutrients from the very beginning. Plant sticks also protect against falling during growth. If you take good care of your eggplants, you will then be rewarded with a rich harvest.