Multiply woodruff - Here's how

Multiply woodruff - Here's how

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Woodruff is now found in many gardens. Those who cannot get enough of the plant simply multiply it. All you need is a little longer breath. But it's worth it!

Woodruff is no longer only found in the forest. In the meantime, many gardeners have brought the plant with the spicy leaves into the garden. After all, all sorts of delicacies can be conjured up, such as syrup, punch and the famous jelly.

Of course, these treats taste best with fresh woodruff. In order to always have something of the forest plant in the house, it is worth growing the woodruff.

You have two different options for this and we would like to introduce them to you here in more detail.

Multiply woodruff - 2 possibilities presented

Variant 1: propagation by seeds

Woodruff can easily be propagated by seeds. You can get the seeds of the plant in many well-stocked garden centers, but also on the Internet. But if you already have a plant in your garden, you don't need to worry about seed propagation. The plant does this on its own if it loses its seeds after flowering.

The location of the woodruff plant is important and decisive. She loves shady, humus-rich soil and not too dry. The best time to sow is between September and January.

»Please note: Woodruff sprouts very slowly. It can take up to five months for the seeds to sprout. So don't be surprised if something doesn't happen right away.

Variant 2: increase by division

You can achieve significantly faster successes by multiplying by sharing. You have to carefully dig any plant out of the ground in autumn or spring.

The roots of the plant must be divided with the shovel so that at least one shoot remains on the section. This is then carefully placed in a prepared planting hole. Water the woodruff well and press the earth again.

" Important: The plant needs a lot of water in the first week. So water regularly. This is the only way the plant can take root.