Drying lavender - that's how it's done

Drying lavender - that's how it's done

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The dried flowers can be used in a variety of ways, for example as sachets or as sugar. So that it does not lose its essential oils, a few things have to be taken into account when drying.

Even in grandmother's day, dried lavender was used to give laundry a fresh fragrance and to keep moths away. To this day, there are lavender pillows with dried flowers that exude their typical aromatic scent as potpourri or in the linen closet.

If you have lavender in the garden and want to dry the flowers, you only need to pay attention to a few points to preserve the scent of summer. And not only for the nose, dried lavender is a blessing, it also helps with some ailments.

It depends on the right time

1 In the garden, lavender not only impresses with its appearance, but of course also with its smell. However, the fragrance becomes more intense when lavender has dried. In order for this to be really the case, the optimal time for harvesting must be adjusted. If you want to benefit from the valuable ingredients, you have to harvest the lavender when the flowers are almost completely blossomed. Then the essential oils are contained in the highest concentration.

2 In addition to the inflorescence, there is also something else that is decisive for an optimal result. You may wonder now, but it depends on the time. The best time to harvest is late morning or noon, when the flowers are dry from morning dew and fully develop their aromas.

" Attention: The flowers must not be damp !!!

3 Now cut off the flowers and tie them together with a string or a rubber band. On the other hand, if the flowers are very small, cut the inflorescences including the stem. Then they are hung upside down in a warm, dry and dark place.

The flowers must not be dried in the sun, otherwise they will lose their beautiful color and the essential oils will also evaporate.

4 Drying in the oven is also not recommended. The valuable oils are only preserved if drying takes place slowly.

" Little hint: The active ingredients can be damaged from around 40 degrees.

5 After about 8 days, the flowers should be dry and easy to detach from the flower head. If they are not fully dried, mold can form and the harvest is useless.

Dried lavender flowers can be used for teas, as herbs or as a scented pillow.

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