Cutting roses in autumn - what to look out for

Cutting roses in autumn - what to look out for

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Cutting roses in autumn: Some rose experts advise against it. Others advocate it. What you can safely cut away and what you should leave as far as possible, more here.

Roses that carry rose hips are not pruned in autumn

When the days get shorter in late autumn and the rose beds are gradually winterized, many hobby gardeners are concerned with the question: "May I cut my roses in autumn?", Some rose experts are of the opinion that the rose shears must be left in the fall. Others, on the other hand, answer the question in the affirmative, albeit with the hint of approaching the autumn pruning cautiously. “For and against” are thus in the balance. In the next two sections we want to clarify what you can safely cut away with the autumn cut and what you should leave as far as possible. First of all: If you “snip” the rose too much in autumn, you risk considerable damage in the coming year.

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11 What can the pruning shears do without hesitation?

The rose pruning in late autumn is intended to prevent possible pathogens causing plant diseases from remaining in the rose bed over the winter. Because dead plant material is the breeding ground for fungi, putrefaction and infections.

➢ In late autumnwhen the first frosty nights fall, the autumn pruning takes place. At that time, the roses largely stopped growing. The flower mummies are now removed from the shoots. You can cut back the tips of the shoots on which the flowers are sitting. So you can clean the rose before winter.

➢ On the shrub and climbing roses the particularly long side shoots may also be shortened a little. Otherwise, they could break away under the snow load in winter and thus cause serious damage to the plant.

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22 Be smart before the damage!

Remember that the main cut always takes place in spring. This means that you only create some order on your rose bed in autumn. A vigorous pruning can wreak havoc on the roses. So a carefree pruning can mean the final “end” for the magnificent plant.

➢ On frost-free days drives the roses even in winter. The uppermost shoot eyes wake up, pushing the delicate rose shoots. As soon as the frost starts again, they freeze to death. So if you cut your rose back too much in the fall, then there are hardly any eyes you can shoot in the spring.

➢ Open woundscaused by the autumn pruning of the rose shoots can no longer heal properly. As a result, the frost penetrates unimpeded into the pulp of the plant and a large part of the already shortened shoots die.