Growing hops - 2 simple methods presented

Growing hops - 2 simple methods presented

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Hops are the star among climbing plants. Accordingly, one might think that it can be easily propagated. But that's not the case.

Hops can be easily propagated through cuttings and cuttings

There are many climbing plants that can be used to beautify the garden quickly and easily. However, the hop is a very special climbing plant because it is one of the easiest to care for and grows extremely quickly. In warm weather, 1 m per week is possible! So if you want to quickly green the facade of your house, for example, hops are always the best choice. In this way you can create a true garden paradise in no time.

But hops have even more advantages. It not only grows quickly, it can also be removed quickly. This is very easy, because in autumn the shoots die off anyway. And this in turn has another advantage: the greening leaves no building damage. The best thing is that the hops can be easily propagated. So if you can not see enough of the plant or want to green a few bare spots in the garden, you have found a simple and quick solution with hops.

This is how the hops can be propagated

Hops can be propagated in different ways. However, the easiest way to multiply is through cuttings and cuttings.

Propagation via cuttings:

Cut back the plant stick in spring. However, do not dispose of the cut parts of the hop plant as usual via the compost. Finally, you can use the parts to multiply the plant. Simply dig the plant parts, also called cuttings, back into the ground. Ideally on the same day so that the cuttings do not dry out. Then lightly press on the soil and pour on. After a short time, roots will form.

Propagation via cuttings:

You can also multiply the hops using cuttings. You can either buy these at the hardware store or win them yourself. For the last variant, simply cut a 6 to 8 cm long shoot from the hop plant in the period from February to May and then plant it in a small pot with nutrient-rich soil. Swollen peat is best suited for this. After planting, you must then cover the shoots with a plastic bag. This ensures that a high level of humidity is generated. Then wait and see. If the propagation worked, roots should form within a few days.