Frying zucchini - guaranteed to succeed

Frying zucchini - guaranteed to succeed

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Zucchini can be prepared in a variety of ways. Roast just like that. In order for the zucchini to retain its special taste, you should heed a few tips.

Courgettes cooked in a pan Today, many gardens and kitchens have become indispensable to zucchini. It is one of the most popular vegetables and is particularly popular during its main harvest from July to October. Not only because of the taste, but also because of the versatile preparation options. For example, you can also prepare zucchini in a pan.

In order to preserve the unique taste of the zucchini, there are a few tips to consider. This turns the zucchini into a simple yet delicious dish.

Not too hot and not too long

Young, small zucchini are very tender. Like other pumpkin fruits, they contain a lot of water. When roasting, you should therefore make sure that your zucchini vegetables cook in a very short time. If the vegetables remain in the hot pan for too long, they can burn quickly.

" Tip: Do not set the temperature of your hob too high. First, fry the zucchini briefly at high temperature. Then either switch off the hob completely or to a lower energy level. So your zucchini vegetables are gently fried.

Fry in vegetable oil

It is best to use sunflower or olive oil as frying fat. On the one hand, these oils do not burn as quickly as butter and, on the other hand, they give the vegetables a pleasant aroma.
Use a high-quality oil, but only a little, to maintain the zucchini's own taste. This way you also reduce unnecessary calories.

You can also find a small guide to roasting zucchini in this video:

If you want to add an extra taste to your zucchini vegetables, add a little chopped garlic when roasting. It can also be a sprig of fresh rosemary or thyme.

Briefly frying in good oil and not too hot is the best way to make zucchini.