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Bell peppers are a popular vegetable among gardeners. After all, its fruits are needed for the preparation of many dishes. Most of the species originally appeared abroad. But we also liked this delicacy. The vegetable needs proper care, although the harvest is well worth the effort. Often, many fruits can be harvested from one bush, which are distinguished by excellent taste and quality.


Before planting pepper seeds, you need to prepare them, you can start from January 25 to February 10. To begin with, they need to be held in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 15 minutes, then washed and placed in a growth stimulator or a solution of trace elements for 11 hours. Then again you need to rinse the seeds and keep them wet for 2 days. You cannot sow pepper directly into the ground. We are waiting for seedlings to sprout, and we are already planting it in an open area.

After the sprout has appeared, the plant must be moved to a warm place so that the pepper does not freeze. This vegetable is distinguished by its thermophilicity. The approximate room temperature is from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The light is also important, when it is dark in the room, you need to turn on LED or fluorescent lamps. It should be watered only with warm water.

And already in May, you can plant seedlings in a permanent place. When it is covered with a film, then on May 10-20, if the plant is planted in an open area, in May 20-30. If cold snaps are foreseen, then you should shed soil around the plants, put arcs over them and cover with foil.

Classification of species

It is possible to divide varieties of sweet peppers, like many other crops, according to their ripening period.

They are divided into:

  • Early and very early. After germination, such seeds have time to ripen in 100-120 days. Among this type of seed, there are many good varieties that differ in their quality and taste.
  • Average. After the sprouts appear, you can harvest the fruits after 120-135 days. Interestingly, if you plant them a little ahead of schedule, then this species will ripen along with the early one. If you tighten the planting a little, then you can harvest the crop along with the late varieties.
  • Late and very late. Only 135-150 days after seed germination, and sometimes even a little later, can the crop be harvested.

The choice of seeds and varieties is perhaps one of the most important stages, if you take the time and choose the right variety, then there will be significantly fewer problems later. But it should be selected individually, based on the desired result. Next, I would like to consider one of the most versatile types.


Pepper "Apricot Favorite" refers to early ripening varieties. The favorite matures for about 100 days. Will grow well both in open areas and in a greenhouse. The plant itself is not very tall, reaching a maximum of half a meter. 5-8 pieces can be planted on 1 m². And about 20 fruits grow on one bush, so one cannot fail to note their compactness. This is a very sweet and tasty variety, you can eat it in any form, it is suitable for cooking and preservation.

The pepper resembles a cone in shape. It looks shiny, but smooth to the touch. When the favorite matures, the pepper becomes light green, and after a bright apricot color. The wall thickness is 7 mm, and the fruit itself weighs an average of 150 grams.

In order to get a quick good harvest, it is permissible to use special plant growth stimulants.


  • High productivity;
  • Heavy, fleshy fruits;
  • Will quickly sing;
  • Resistant to diseases;
  • In cooking, it can be used for a variety of dishes;
  • It grows both in greenhouse conditions and in open ground;
  • The fruit is very fragrant, tastes good and looks beautiful;
  • He is not afraid of weather conditions.

This is a good enough option for planting, because basically many varieties of sweet peppers are incredibly demanding and prone to a large number of diseases, they have to be constantly monitored. But this variety, as mentioned above, cannot be called whimsical, it can grow in any conditions. The main thing is to purchase sufficient quality seeds. To avoid incidents, it is better to choose trusted firms.

Consumer reviews

Kolokolnikova S., 45 years old, Khabarovsk

The “apricot favorite” was bought by my husband, they advised me in the store. I myself have often heard good reviews. They praised the beautiful appearance and taste. I am already an experienced summer resident, so I did everything in the usual way: seedlings, then disembarkation. The harvest turned out to be good, from one bush she collected about 18 fruits. The plant does not require especially scrupulous care, no problems arose. The vegetable itself is delicious and juicy. Did lecho, everyone really liked it.

I.S. Lovtsova, Astrakhan

I decided to buy pepper "apricot favorite" for the first time. I am a supporter of early varieties, somehow it's more convenient for me. Previously, I mainly bought the variety "Lumina" and everything was fine, but I was interested in the description. It was very interesting to try. As a result, she harvested a good harvest, the fruits are tasty and ripened on time. There was no special fuss, I planted seedlings, and then watering, and, of course, did not forget about fertilizers.

Anna Goncharova, 25 years old, Izhevsk

I myself have never taken care of the garden, my only experience was helping my mother. I just did not hesitate to do what I asked. But it so happened that my mother had to leave, and the garden was already planted. So I had to take care of it myself, it's a pity for the already invested work. There were no questions with the Apricot Favorite pepper, which cannot be said about other cultures. It's simple: I came twice a week, watered. Then bright and tasty fruits ripened. There was a lot of harvest, I collected 2 dozen from each bush.

O. Krapivina, Novosibirsk

I liked the favorite very much, when buying, she preferred it, since the plant is not prone to disease. Last year I suffered with a black leg, and now I didn't want to repeat the experience. And, true, no problem, the fruits are tasty, but not very large.

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