Freeze Coriander - How To Do It Right

Freeze Coriander - How To Do It Right

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Enjoy fresh coriander all year round? This works out. All you have to do is freeze the coriander. You can still season with fresh coriander up to 6 months later.

Many herbs can be frozen in portions, as with many fresh herbs, coriander also happens when you buy too much or harvest in the garden and then face the problem: what do I do with it? It is not always possible to process or consume a large amount of fresh coriander immediately. So it makes sense to preserve the herb.

A very simple and easy way is to freeze. If you do it right, you always have a few fresh coriander leaves on hand.

Freeze coriander - 2 options presented

You can freeze coriander both as a larger bundle in a freezer bag and in portions in the form of ice cubes. Which variant you use depends entirely on whether you want to use more or fewer leaves.

➔ Coriander in the freezer bag

1Wash the fresh branches and then dry them. Kitchen paper is best suited for this. Simply place the coriander between two layers of paper and dab carefully.

2 Then cut the leaves into handy pieces using either a knife or kitchen scissors. Place these cut sheets on a baking sheet with baking paper in such a way that they do not lie on top of each other. Otherwise the leaves freeze into a lump.

3 Now place the baking sheet in the freezer for approx. 20 - 30 minutes. This freezes the leaves and makes it easier to pour them into the freezer bag.

4 After freezing, place the leaves with 50 ml of water in a freezer bag, which is best labeled with the date, quantity and content.

If done correctly, the coriander can easily stay in the freezer for up to 6 months.

➔ Coriander in a scoop

If you want to freeze coriander in handy portion sizes, you can work with an ice cube container.

1 For this method, the coriander must also be washed first. Then the dripping in a sieve is sufficient.

2 Then simply cut the leaves into fine strips. Then put these strips in an ice cube container, approx. 15 - 20g per compartment.

3 Fill the individual compartments to the brim with water, preferably with a small ladle or saucepan, and then place this mixture in the freezer compartment.

So you have practical portion sizes for fresh coriander and if necessary you can simply put the cubes in a sauce or soup. So the coriander doesn't even have to defrost beforehand.