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Fungicide Delan

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In gardening, one cannot do without the use of chemicals, since with the arrival of spring, phytopathogenic fungi begin to parasitize on young leaves and shoots. Gradually, the disease covers the entire plant and causes significant damage to the crop. Among the variety of drugs, many gardeners choose the Delan fungicide. It has a complex effect on fungal diseases and is suitable for both grapes and some fruit trees.

Let's get acquainted with the description, instructions, advantages and disadvantages of the Delan fungicide. We will learn how to use it correctly and in what dosages.


Fungicide Delan is a contact drug that effectively acts on fungal spores, regardless of their stage of development. The substance is not intended for application to the ground or for soaking seeds. The agent is sprayed on the leaves and stems of cultivated plants and is characterized by resistance to low temperatures and precipitation.

Summer residents use Delan fungicide to prevent and treat fungal infections. It is effective for various diseases:

  • scab;
  • klyasternosporiosis (perforated spot);
  • late blight (brown rot);
  • curliness of leaves;
  • mildew (downy mildew);
  • rust;
  • moniliosis (fruit rot).

The fungicide comes in the form of granules that dissolve easily in water. For large-scale farms, you can purchase a bag weighing 5 kg, for small summer cottages, a bag weighing 5 g is enough.

Important! Fungicide Delan should not be used in conjunction with preparations that contain oily substances.

Mechanism of action

The drug contains the active ingredient dithianon, the concentration of which is 70%. The active substance acts on the virus in a contact way, envelops the leaves and stems with a dense layer that is not washed off by rain. The compound is resistant to water, but degrades under the influence of acids and alkalis. The fungicide is evenly distributed over the surface of the plant tissue and provides long-term protection to the plant.

Dithianon inhibits the growth and spread of fungal spores, which die under its influence. The rest of the plant is not affected by the virus.

The active substance has a versatile effect on the fungus, so the likelihood of addiction of pathogens to Dithianon is minimal.


Fungicide Delan is used by many gardeners and gardeners, because it has a number of positive aspects:

  • is not washed off by rain, and remains on the treated surface for a long time;
  • protects fruit trees from mycoses for up to 28 days;
  • economical, one package lasts for a long time;
  • does not have a toxic effect on the treated plant;
  • not dangerous to humans, insects and animals;
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • there is no addiction and adaptation of pathogens to the active substance of the drug;
  • after repeated use, no "mesh" appears on the fruits, the commercial qualities are preserved.

Attention! For greater effectiveness, the Delan fungicide is best used before the first signs of the disease appear. For prevention, it is recommended to spray the plant every spring.


The fungicide has no serious disadvantages. Despite the wide range of effects against fungal diseases, the agent cannot be used for all crops. Delan is only suitable for grapes and fruit trees. It also does not provide protection to plants from the inside.

Preparation of the solution

A solution of the Delan fungicide is prepared immediately before processing, since it cannot be stored. To prepare the working fluid, 14 g of granules must be poured into a bucket of water with a volume of 8-10 liters and dissolved. According to the instructions for use, spraying is carried out with an interval of 15-20 days. If the weather is rainy, then the interval is reduced to 9-10 days. The total number of treatments is from 3 to 6, depending on the type of crop.

One medium tree will need from 2 to 3 liters of solution. The aerial part of the plant is evenly sprayed with a fungicide solution from all sides. For convenience, a spray gun and a fine-drop mode are used.

Apple tree

Many gardeners observe such an unpleasant phenomenon as scab on an apple tree. The disease is manifested by the appearance of yellow and dark spots on the leaves and fruits. The greenery dries up and falls off. This parasitic fungus can significantly reduce and harm crops.

Fungicide Delan will help to cope with the disease in a short time. Prepare a standard solution according to the instructions and process the fruit tree 5 times with an interval of 8-11 days. The first pulverization is carried out during the leaf blooming period. 100 ml of working solution or 0.05-0.07 g of dry matter is consumed per square meter of planting.


The most common fungal diseases of peach are scab, clotterosporia, and leaf curl. Fruits, bark and greens are affected. In order to preserve the harvest and protect the fruit tree, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis with the Delan fungicide in time, following the instructions.

For this, a standard solution is prepared: 14 g of dry matter is diluted in 8-10 liters of water. In dry weather, three treatments are carried out with an interval of 10-14 days. The first pulverization is carried out during the growing season. 1 m2 100-110 ml of working solution or 0.1 g of dry matter is consumed.

Attention! Fruits can be harvested no earlier than 20 days after the last treatment with the drug.


One of the most dangerous fungal diseases of grapes is mildew. First, light spots with a white bloom on the back are formed on the foliage, then the shoots dry up, and the ovaries rot and fall off.

In order not to lose the harvest and berry bushes, the vine should be treated with the Delan fungicide. The plant is sprayed 6 times throughout the season, with each subsequent procedure being carried out after 8-11 days. According to the attached instructions for 1 m2 area consumes 0.05-0.07 grams of fungicide or 90-100 ml of working fluid. The protective effect lasts up to 28 days.

Compatibility with other drugs

For maximum effect and complete elimination of the adaptation of parasitic fungi to Delan's active substance, it is alternated with other fungicides and pesticides. The product has good compatibility with drugs such as Fastak, Strobi, Bi-58 Novy, Poliram and Cumulus.

Delan is forbidden to use with oil preparations. The interval between treatments should be at least 5 days.

Important! Before mixing different chemicals, they must be checked for compatibility.

Security measures

Subject to the instructions and norms for applying the fungicide, Delan will not harm animals. It is moderately toxic to bees and fish. Therefore, it is not recommended to spray trees and shrubs within a radius of 1-2 km from water bodies and places of accumulation of bees.

For humans, the drug is not dangerous, but it can irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the eye. If it gets into the ground, the compound decomposes into safe substances after 2-3 weeks. It does not enter groundwater, as it concentrates at a depth of 50 mm.

Safety rules while working with fungicide:

  • it is imperative to wear safety glasses, heavy gloves and a respirator;
  • it is advisable to knead the solution in the open air or on the balcony;
  • after spraying the plants, it is recommended to change clothes and take a shower;
  • if accidentally swallowed, drink several glasses of water;
  • if the solution gets on the skin, wash it with a stream of running water.

If you feel unwell, call a doctor. The drug should not be near food.

Reviews of summer residents

Mikhail, 31 years old, Krasnodar

This year we had a rainy and damp spring. Usually, diseases in such weather become more active, and fruit trees suffer. A peach grows in my garden, its leaves began to curl, turn yellow and dry out. Usually the fungicide Delan always helped me out. I dilute the drug according to the instructions, and process the tree during the growing season. I am very glad that it is not washed off by the rain. After spraying, the peach came to life, new, healthy leaves appeared. The product fights well against Mildew and ensures healthy growth, even in such cloudy weather. I also use it for grapes.

Svetlana, 53 years old, Saratov

Every spring I breed Delan fungicide and carry out preventive treatment of trees and shrubs in my garden. I choose it because it is effective even at low temperatures and frequent precipitation. Apple and Peach have not been sick for several years. Sometimes I alternate it with other drugs. But this is still a chemical, so you need to use it carefully and do not exceed the dosage indicated in the instructions.


Fungicide Delan is a very effective, modern and antifungal agent that is suitable for the treatment of fruit trees and vines. It inhibits the development of many parasitic fungi on the surface of the plant. If, after spraying, the disease continues to develop, contact a specialist.

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