Shotgun disease in cherry laurel: 3 important tips to combat

Shotgun disease in cherry laurel: 3 important tips to combat

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If there are bright spots on the leaves of the cherry laurel, you need to act quickly. Because then the cherry laurel is infected by the shotgun disease.

Light dots on the leaves indicate shotgun disease

The shotgun disease can be recognized by the fact that bright spots form on the leaves of the plant. After some time, they turn reddish-brown. About two weeks later, the dots become red-rimmed holes. If the fungal infection is very severe, the plant even dies. But there are some measures that will help the cherry laurel.

3 tips against shotgun disease

Tip 1 - choose the right location:

The location should be dry. A moist climate is ideal for the mushroom, which is why the cherry laurel should be in a place where it dries quickly after a rain shower. For example, it is not recommended to place the plant under a tree, as the dripping water prolongs the wetness. In addition, the cherry laurel should not be placed near a sprinkler. Continuous watering may also lead to the fungal disease. Recommended reading: Transplant cherry laurel - explained step by step.

Tip 2 - prune the plant:

In the event of an infestation, the plant must be cut back consistently. You must completely remove all infested fruits and leaves.

Tip 3 - spray cherry laurel with fungicide:

In the following year of the disease, it is advisable to spray the cherry laurel with a fungicide. Otherwise there will be another outbreak. In addition, the mushroom is very stubborn and hardy, which is why you should not do without this treatment.

The first treatment begins in the spring. This is absolutely recommendable, especially in the case of prolonged, damp weather. Then you have to spray a total of three times every two weeks. You must generally make sure that you carry out the spraying in the course of the leaf development.