First own garden - tips for planning and implementation

First own garden - tips for planning and implementation

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The first own garden can become a real little paradise if you take care of the necessary work and calculate your budget exactly.

It sounds a bit like vacation! A private garden where you can relax from everyday stress, dangle your legs and just enjoy the sun. Yes, it is true, a garden can be a real idyll, but only if you are aware that the green oasis also does work and costs money.

I don't want to spoil your fun in the garden, just give you some tips on how the plan can actually be implemented. To blindly lease the first piece of green that catches your eye would be foolish and ultimately brings little joy.

Can I afford my own garden?

Before you even begin to think about which flowers should bloom in your own garden or which fruit you want to harvest, the financial question is raised. Be aware that the cost of the garden is not covered by the monthly lease.

How to calculate correctly!

Most garden associations have a statute that clearly regulates the rights and obligations of the garden owner. The percentage of fruit and vegetables cultivated in terms of area is often required here. If you fail to do so, the garden idyll is quickly over.

If you start from scratch, you will need almost everything new, from the rake to the fruit tree. So that the dream of having your first garden doesn't burst again, there are various financing options. For example, many hardware stores offer zero percent financing (such as Installment loans or a loan without Schufa are also a good alternative, but you should definitely pay attention to reputable providers. Among other things, it is important that no costs are incurred before the loan is approved. Advice on how to identify reputable providers can be found on the Internet (see and

How do I transport my plants and equipment to the garden?

Such a large purchase not only costs money, but also has to be transported home or to the garden. Clarify in advance whether you can drive to your garden plot. The garden paths are often closed to cars, or you need a special permit (ask the club).

When transporting your own items, also bear in mind that the volume of a trunk is limited. If you want to plant a hedge or choose different fruit trees, a trailer is inevitable. But not everyone is authorized to drive one. Whether you are entitled depends, among other things, on your driving license class (see Alternatively, you can have the plants and equipment delivered to you, most hardware stores and garden centers offer such a service.

What should my first own garden look like?

Once the financial and organizational questions have been clarified, it is finally up to the garden design. Again, don't act wildly, but make a plan.

  • How should my garden look like?
  • Do I prefer a certain style?
  • How much time do I have for garden maintenance?
  • More utility garden or leisure idyll? (Note garden statutes)

The following 3 tips for garden design should serve as a suggestion. What you ultimately implement depends on your personal taste, the available space and of course the time available.

Bauern The cottage garden: particularly popular!

If there is a ranking of the different garden types, the cottage garden will surely lead this list. The popularity stems from the fact that it is mainly a garden for relaxation. But crops are not neglected either. So it is a perfect mix of green oasis and self-sufficiency.

Implementation Tip: Create a farm garden: this is how it's done

❷ The natural garden: easy to maintain

It's true, a natural garden is easy to maintain, but has nothing to do with confusing wild growth. A natural garden is characterized by ecological aspects and is therefore also referred to as an organic garden. Mostly ecological materials are used for the creation and the overall picture is determined by herbs and wild plants.

Implementation Tip: Create a natural garden: this is how it's done

Topf The potted garden: ideal when space is limited

A deck chair, a small table and a bit of green space - if your future garden looks like this, lush fruit harvests are out of the question. Those who have little space only need to know how to help themselves. The solution is a potted garden that can be implemented very quickly and still offers a beautiful floral and floral display. There are no limits to your creativity, because rearranging and replanting the individual pots is always fun.

Implementation Tip: Create a potted garden: this is how it's done

What you have to think about:

Once a garden has been created, it doesn't stay that beautiful in the long run. You have to take care of it regularly and also consider that you are sometimes absent for a long time (see also: Preparing the garden for the holiday). Oh yes, if you have a four-legged friend, pets are not welcome in every garden.

Small checklist for the first own garden

  1. Calculate budget
  2. Observe garden statutes
  3. Plan garden design
  4. Buy plants and equipment
  5. Create, maintain and enjoy the garden