Build a wasp trap from a plastic bottle yourself - small video DIY

Build a wasp trap from a plastic bottle yourself - small video DIY

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Summer time is wasp time. If you want to eat and drink out here, you have to pay more attention to the little pests. This is not always possible, especially with small children, and honestly, you don't want to constantly have the buzz around you.

A small self-made wasp trap can help here. In the video from MarcetingMix you get a suitable instruction for it. It may not be the most decorative method, but it is practical. And everyone has the material at home.

Did you know?

The subject of "killing wasps" is a controversial subject. Can you or not? The Animal Welfare Act only regulates the killing of vertebrates. The wasp is not one of them.

The Federal Conservation Act states that killing for no reasonable reason Not allowed is. So only if you really feel threatened and harassed can you take action against the wasps. However, this law does not apply to two specially protected species. These are the gyro wasps and the button horn wasps. However, the two types largely stay away from people.

Wasps can be really annoying, but you shouldn't forget that they are also useful animals in our ecosystem. The wasp offspring has an increased need for protein-rich food and so the parents feed their little ones with chewed insects. Some of the wasps even pollinate our flowers.