How to get rid of birch weed in the garden

How to get rid of birch weed in the garden

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During the period of growing vegetables in the garden, summer residents are forced to fight weeds. On an area with a lot of weeds, there can be no good harvest. After all, they also require sun, water and nutrients. Therefore, the more weeds, the less useful elements are obtained by cultivated plants. Different types of green pest control methods differ. This article is devoted to ways to get rid of the site of birch weed.

This is what the people call the field bindweed, which can fill a large area in a matter of days. Birch belongs to the category of perennial climbing plants, very fast growing and difficult to hatch.

Biological features of the plant

Weed birch is a pretty beautiful plant. When the bindweed grows on the forest edge, it gives it a special charm.

But in the garden, you must immediately get rid of it. It is not very easy to get a birch tree out of the garden. The thing is that the roots of this plant penetrate deep into the ground and have a good supply of proteins and carbohydrates. They grow up to 1.5-2 meters in length, which reduces the desire of summer residents to get rid of a birch tree in one weeding to nothing.

Attention! Some specimens have roots up to 6 meters long.

The slightest damage to the root system stimulates the growth of new layers. It will not work to destroy the weed in one go, you need rhythmic, accurate and high-quality actions.

What is the fight against root-sprouting weeds, to which the birch belongs? How to get rid of a beautiful but unnecessary neighbor in the garden beds? For such species, the "depletion" method is very effective. The leaf mass is cut as soon as it appears above the ground. Fighting birch weed by removing roots is very ineffective. And by cutting off the shoots regularly, you drain the root system of the climbing weed. When a sprout sprouts, it feeds on the reserves accumulated in the roots. With the regular removal of shoots, they will sprout over and over again, reducing these reserves.

Important! It is necessary to remove the sprouts of the bindweed before the leaves bloom. Only in this case is it possible to quickly get rid of the weed.

If this period is skipped, then with the help of the leaves the plant will again replenish its reserves and recover. Therefore, when a thin sprout appears, it is immediately removed. This can be done easily with a shovel or scoop, you can use a hoe. Everyone chooses a tool for dealing with a birch tree to their liking.

It is necessary to remove all weeds on the site. If you leave at least one bindweed, then the work will be useless, and next summer you will have to start all over again. The birch should not be allowed to curl around any plants, so remove the plant not only in the beds, but in any corner of the summer cottage.

The only reliable way to get rid of a weed birch is a complex constant struggle.

Ways to free the site from the loach

How to deal with bindweed in order to achieve maximum effect? A weed plant can be removed from the site in several ways:

Remove sprouts. This method was mentioned above. The main thing is not to miss the moment when the leaves appear.

Prevent the seeds from ripening. Bindweed propagates by seeds and root branches. If the seeds are allowed to ripen, it will be very difficult to control the spread of weeds. Cut the aboveground part of the birch regularly without affecting its roots. In this case, you will not allow the seeds to ripen and you will achieve depletion of the roots.

Carry out an autumn digging of the garden. It is better to do this with a pitchfork. It is easy to chop the roots into small pieces with a shovel, from which a new birch will grow. When digging, carefully select all visible root pieces to clean the area as much as possible.

Soil cultivation. After harvest, treat the area with weed control products to keep the creeping weed from growing again. With a large distribution of birch trees, the treatment with herbicides is repeated 2-3 times. Otherwise, the strong root system of the weed will cope with the poisons. Use Roundup, Rainbow, Tornado. You can carry out solid processing or spot processing.

Do not carry out mechanical treatment of the soil until the complete victory over the birch tree. Otherwise, you will allow the weed to recover easily. An adult plant is less susceptible to the action of drugs, therefore, it is better to process young birch shoots.

Mulching. Cover the soil with mulching material before planting seedlings in the ground or in summer.

It can be:

  • remnants of roofing material or construction film;
  • special garden covering material;
  • black film that does not transmit light;
  • cardboard or thick thick fabric.

To plant seedlings, make holes in the material. And if there are no plantings in this area, then spread the mulch in a continuous layer. Without sunlight, the birch will die.

Important! In areas with a birch, sawdust is not used as mulch. They acidify the soil.

Liming. The birch tree thrives on acidic soils, so lowering the pH level is good for weed control. The introduction of wood ash as fertilizer also works well.

An excellent fight option is to use natural competition in nature. How to get rid of a birch tree with the help of other plants? Sow siderata or perennial grasses. In the first case, mustard is suitable, in the second - fescue or bluegrass. Densely growing plants inhibit the weed and do not allow pests to reproduce, which feel at ease in the thickets of the birch.

The listed methods work in a complex manner. But gardeners consider regular weeding to be the most effective. By preventing weeds from growing, you weaken it and save the site from a formidable weed.

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