Minitractor Centaur: T-15, T-18, T-224

Minitractor Centaur: T-15, T-18, T-224

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The Centaur mini-tractors are produced by a tractor plant located in the city of Brest. The technique gained popularity due to the successful combination of two indicators: small size with a fairly powerful engine. All manufactured models are multifunctional, do not require expensive maintenance and are equipped with a Japanese Kama motor.

Model range overview

There are different reviews for the Centaur mini-tractor. Some people like this technique, but there are people who expected more. It should be noted that the Centaur model range is quite large and you can always choose a suitable unit. Now we will make an overview of popular mini tractors that have proven themselves well in many areas of production and agriculture.


Initially, the low-power mini-tractors Centaur t 18 were developed for agricultural work. The technique was used to cultivate land with an area of ​​no more than 2 hectares. The unit is characterized by a reinforced frame and good traction parameters. This allows towing machines and other mobile mechanisms weighing up to 2 tons. And thanks to two-vector hydraulics, the carrying capacity of the T-18 mini-tractor reaches up to 150 kg.

On the basis of the T-18, the company has developed 4 new mini-tractor models:

  • The easy-to-operate T-18V is equipped with hydraulics with a high-performance gear pump. The mini-tractor works easily with front and rear attachments.
  • The modified model is the T-18S. Many parameters of the mini-tractor coincide with the T-18V, it is just that the unit has changed its design. For assembly, components with an increased service life are used.
  • The T-18D model has a reinforced frame. The device of the unit allows you to adjust the track width.
  • The T-18E will cope with the processing of an area with difficult terrain. The model is equipped with better quality drive belts, plus a hydraulic float switch is installed.

Important! Thanks to the floating mode of the hydraulic system, plowing of the land with the T-18U mini-tractor, even on uneven areas, is always carried out at the same depth.

The table shows a complete description of all parameters of the considered mini-tractors.


A feature of the complete set of the Centaur T 15 mini-tractor is the R195N (NM) 15 hp engine. from. The engine is characterized by wear resistance, resistance to strong temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Thanks to the water-cooled engine, the mini-tractor is able to perform all tasks without rest for ten hours.

The four-stroke diesel engine is capable of providing good traction at low revs. In addition to economical fuel consumption, the T-15 mini-tractor has a low noise level and low emission of harmful substances with exhaust gases.

An overview of the T-15 mini-tractor can be viewed in the video:


The power of the Centaur 220 mini-tractor will be enough to perform any tasks related to the cultivation of the land. The unit will cope with caring for plantings, harvesting, transporting goods and other work. If desired, the buyer can take the T-220 Centaur with additional hubs that allow making standard gauge tracks. However, the cost of the unit will increase by about $ 70 over the base model. The Centaur T-220 is equipped with a 22 hp two-cylinder engine. with., characterized by increased efficiency.

Important! The presence of an electric starter in the Centaur T-220 allows you to quickly start a diesel engine at extremely low temperatures.


Of the entire model range, the Centaur t 224 mini-tractor is the most powerful unit. The unit is equipped with a hydraulic booster, and there are also two cylinders with outlets for hydraulics. The all-wheel drive model is equipped with a 24 hp four-stroke engine. from.

Centaur T-224 easily transports a load weighing up to 3 tons. The ability to adjust the track width allows you to use the mini-tractor in fields with different row spacings. When rearranging the rear wheels, the track increases or decreases by 20 cm.

Important! The motor of the Centaur T-224 mini-tractor is water-cooled, so the unit is able to work for a long time under load without interruption.

Centaur brand equipment is in great demand among farmers. The manufacturer tries not to lower the quality bar and is constantly improving its mini-tractors. Now let's take a look at real reviews of different Centaur models.

The video shows the user's feedback about the Centaur T-15:


Vladimir Ivanovich, owner of a suburban area, Tomsk

The centaur T-15 was bought for cultivating a garden with an area of ​​1.5 hectares. I will immediately note the advantages of this technique. I liked the robust and powerful engine. Starter starts easily even in winter. Good hydraulics significantly enhance the functionality of the tractor. In general, I am ready to put a mark for the components. I really do not like the build quality. The belt drive is very poorly thought out. Belts often come loose or twisted during operation. Gear shifting is tight, and the included milling cutter turned out to be incorrectly assembled. In general, all the imperfections had to be corrected on their own. The technique now works fine.

Sergey, owner of a private yard, Krasnoyarsk region

After the order, the company quickly delivered the Centaur T-24. The first day of running in satisfied me, but then problems with electrical equipment began. First, the fuses burned out, then the lights on the headlights went out and the engine began to start badly from the starter. I did not wait for help from the service, I had to do the hauling of the electrical wiring myself. Now the tractor is working, but the gears are shifting with great effort. I didn't like the assembly. In addition, the driver's seat is so hard that you won't sit on it for a long time.

Watch the video: Файтер т15