Apple tree Starkrimson

Apple tree Starkrimson

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For large red apples, which are also delicious, for the small size of the tree, the Starkrimson variety fell in love with gardeners. It is known that the apple tree of this variety is demanding on growing conditions and is not resistant to diseases. However, the Starkrimson apple tree has not lost its popularity.

Breeding history

Starkrimson is an apple tree that arrived in Russia from distant America, Iowa. It was there that the result of the work of breeders was the breeding of the winter apple Delicious, which was the ancestor of the Starkrimson variety. And only in 1921 it was possible to grow several trees, whose apples differed from the previous varieties. In particular, they were dark red in color. The apple variety was named Starkrimson - a bright red or crimson star.

Around the same time, the American apple tree gained popularity in the former Soviet Union. They began to grow it in gardens in the Caucasus, in the Stavropol Territory. Interest in the variety has gradually diminished, but Starkrimson apple trees are still cultivated by private gardeners in the southern outskirts of the country. The number of people willing to buy seedlings of this variety has not diminished.

Description of the variety and characteristics

Apple trees of this variety are spurous. The fruits are characterized by the following features:

  • long shelf life;
  • beautiful fruit appearance;
  • great taste.

Adult tree height

Apple trees of this variety are low. They take up little space on the plot and therefore are convenient for growing in a small area of ​​the garden. By the age of six, the height of the apple tree does not exceed 2-2.5 meters.


On the same tree, apples may not be the same in size and shape. Small fruits are round, and large fruits are elongated, conical. The fruits of the Starkrimson apple tree are fragrant, liquid, with a bright red blush. The apples are sweet, without sourness. The skin is light, loose, even, as if polished and covered with a delicate, barely noticeable down. In September, the fruits acquire a mature color.

Attention! To make sure the apple is ripe, you need to cut it in half. If the grains are brown, the fruit is ripe.

Apples keep well until spring, do not rot or spoil. The taste becomes even better, richer.


Young apple trees begin to bear fruit at the age of 2-3 years. Starkrimson is considered a high-yielding variety. With proper care and favorable growing conditions, up to 160 kg of apples can be harvested from one tree.

Winter hardiness

The Starkrimson apple tree does not tolerate winter well. The slightest drop in air temperature in winter leads to freezing of the shoots. This is a big minus of the Starkrimson variety. Apple trees can be grown in regions with mild, not too frosty winters. In Russia, these are the southern regions, such as the Stavropol Territory, Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region and others.

Disease resistance

The Starkrimson apple tree is resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew and fire blight. However, it is affected by other diseases, as well as pests:

  • scab;
  • moth;
  • mice, moles.

Crown width

The crown of the trees looks like an inverted pyramid. The branches are not sprawling, close-knit, crowded, but sparse. This kind of crown is inherent in spurous fruit trees. They have short internodes, the kidneys are next to each other. Leaves on branches of medium size. Tree pruning is rarely done.

Fertility and pollinators

Starkrimson is a self-fertile variety. For the apple tree to bear fruit and give a generous harvest, it requires third-party pollinators. Their role can be played by fruit trees of the following varieties:

  • Jonagold Deposta;
  • Jonathan;
  • Golden Delicious.

The trees must be within 2 km of the Starkrimson apple tree.

Frequency of fruiting

Apple tree Starkrimson annually pleases its owners with a rich harvest. The trees bear fruit every year.

Tasting assessment

The fruits are delicious, sweet. The score - from 4.5 points to 4.8 out of 5 - for taste and appearance. The longer apples lie, the more pronounced their taste. Apples become juicier and more fragrant.


Before planting on the Starkrimson apple tree site, it is very important to carefully approach the acquisition of seedlings:

  1. It is better to plant young growth no older than 2 years.
  2. The trunk of the seedling must not be damaged.
  3. The bark normally does not contain stratification or thickening.
  4. The trunk under the bark should be the color of young green.
  5. The root system is light and moist.
  6. The leaves on the seedlings are not smooth on the back side, but with the smallest tubercles.

Selection and preparation of the landing site

The choice of a place for planting a seedling is of paramount importance. It should be sunny, well-lit, not accessible to drafts. Apple trees Starkrimson do not like areas with groundwater.

  1. For each seedling, a hole is dug, the depth of which is at least 70-85 cm.
  2. The bottom is covered with soil with humus, you can add fallen leaves or sand.
  3. Pour 20 liters of water into the hole.
  4. You need to lower the seedling into the hole, carefully spread the roots and cover it with earth.

Important! Having dug in a tree, you need to pay attention so that the neck of the root does not go into the ground. It should remain 5-6 cm above the ground.

In autumn

Saplings are planted in autumn and spring. For fruit trees growing in the central regions of Russia, autumn planting is most acceptable. However, Starkrimson will not survive the harsh winter. That is why the Starkrimson apple tree is planted exclusively in southern regions with a mild winter climate.

In the spring

It seems that planting a fruit tree will not be difficult. But in order for the seedling to take root well, to turn into a strong tree that gives a generous harvest, you need to know some of the intricacies of agricultural technology.

Apple trees Starkrimson are thermophilic. It is better to plant them in spring. The advantage of spring planting is that before the arrival of winter cold, the Starkrimson apple trees will get stronger, they will be able to overwinter.

For spring planting, it is better to prepare the land in the fall:

  1. The land should be light, without the accumulation of groundwater.
  2. The site needs to be dug up, cleared of all weeds.
  3. In the spring, before planting, you need to thoroughly loosen the soil.


Any plant needs care. Apple Starkrimson will have to pay more attention than other fruit trees. In order for the harvests to be rich, and the tree itself to become strong and healthy, careful care is needed, namely:

  • ensure sufficient watering;
  • feed;
  • carry out measures to prevent diseases;
  • loosen the soil.

Watering and feeding

Apple tree Starkrimson does not like overdrying the soil. It needs to be watered a lot, at least once every 5 days in the absence of heat and 3 days later when a drought sets in.

In order for the earth to retain moisture longer and protect the tree from drought, it is imperative to put mulch from sawdust or the bark of old trees. Mulching will protect the earth from evaporation in the hot season, will serve as protection from various kinds of harmful insects and rodents.

You need to feed the trees regularly. The choice of feeding depends on the season. In the spring, all plants, including any apple tree, need nitrogen. Closer to autumn, the Starkrimson apple will need potassium and phosphorus.

Important! How to apply this or that fertilizer is written by the manufacturer on the packaging.

Preventive spraying

It is easier to prevent any disease than to fight it. Scab is very common in Starkrimson apple trees. To reduce the risk of disease, trees are sprayed for preventive purposes:

  1. In the spring, a treatment procedure is carried out with a 1% Bordeaux solution.
  2. The earth around the tree is treated with ammonia.


Apple trees of the Starkrimson variety do not need regular pruning, as the branches are quite sparse. Once every few years, you can carry out sanitary pruning of damaged or diseased shoots.

Shelter for the winter: protection from rodents

With the onset of winter, when the harvest is harvested, the summer cottages have ended, the care of fruit trees should not stop. The Starkrimson apple tree needs to be prepared for the long, cold winter. For this, apple trees are covered, especially young ones. But not only so that the trees overwinter and not freeze. The Starkrimson apple tree is sheltered from such rodents as hares, rats, mice.

Strong gusty winds, bright spring sun - can also cause damage to the bark and poor harvest. In this case, the fruits will not reach their normal size, they will be small, and the places of damage will become a source of various diseases.

The trunks of adult apple trees are covered with special agrofibre, roofing felt, cellophane film. Around the tree, you can scatter branches of raspberries, cherries, needles. They will help get rid of rodents. If the Starkrimson apple tree is young, caring gardeners cover the crown with insulation or cover it with snow.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Speaking about the pros and cons of the Starkrimson apple variety, it is difficult to determine what is so good about the variety. After all, such an indicator, for example, as cold intolerance for gardeners in the central part of Russia will be a lack of a variety, and for summer residents of the southern regions - the norm.

Advantages of the Starkrimson variety


The height of the tree, its compactness

Frost intolerance


The variety is prone to scab damage.

Marketable appearance of fruits

Requires abundant watering

Excellent taste of apples

The ability to store for a long time

The apple tree does not need frequent pruning.

Annual fruiting

The variety is resistant to bacterial burns

As you can see from the table, the variety has much more advantages than disadvantages.

Prevention and protection against diseases and pests

Most of all, Starkrimson apple trees suffer from scab, moth, rodents.

If preventive spraying did not help, and the scab appeared, you must immediately begin to fight with it.

How to recognize scab:

  1. Yellow specks appear on the leaves.
  2. A gray layer appears on the outside of the sheet.
  3. The leaves turn black, fly around. The disease affects apples.
  4. The fruits turn black.

The following measures will help to save the tree from death and preserve the fruits: cleaning of fallen leaves and diseased fruits, spraying with 1% Bordeaux solution. The last treatment is carried out 25 days before picking apples. The land around the apple tree is treated with 10% ammonia. Trees are sheltered from rodents.


Growing Starkrimson apples in the garden requires extra attention and care, however, the excellent taste and beauty of the fruit is worth it. Large, liquid, fragrant apples will delight adults and children until spring.


Lilia Alekseevna Ponamareva, 54 years old, Semferopol

Having tasted apples from a neighbor, I noticed their taste. It turned out that the variety is called Starkrimson. I wanted to plant an apple tree on my site. A lot of work is expended, but the results are encouraging.

Nina Sergeevna Lantsova, Krasnodar

When the apples ripen on her tree, people from all over the area flock to admire this beauty. This is not a tree, but a miracle with apples hanging like bunches of grapes.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Shapovalov, 61 years old, Nalchik

The apple tree is capricious, and it takes a lot of effort to achieve a good harvest. But I don’t regret planting the Starkrimson apple tree on my property.

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