How to cook milk mushrooms: for pickling, for pickling, for milk mushrooms, for food

How to cook milk mushrooms: for pickling, for pickling, for milk mushrooms, for food

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How to cook milk mushrooms, what dishes can be prepared from them and how to properly store boiled fruiting bodies, every lover of a quiet hunt should know. These mushrooms are harvested in August and September. At this time comes the hot season of salting, pickling and freezing. But, like any kind of mushroom, milk mushrooms must be prepared in advance.

Do I need to cook milk mushrooms before salting or cooking

The main rule for any person who has brought "forest gifts" into the house is to carry out heat treatment before eating them or making preparations for the winter. Regardless of which recipe the hostess will use, she must boil the milk mushrooms

The importance of heat treatment is explained by the fact that fungi absorb toxins from soil, water and even air. And they themselves can contain substances that are dangerous to humans and can cause food poisoning.

How to cook milk mushrooms for salting or cooking

Cooking mushrooms is easy and quick. For this procedure, you will need the fruit bodies themselves and water.


  1. Milk mushrooms are cleaned from forest litter and dirt. To do this, they can be held under running water.
  2. Soak in cold water for several hours. Salt is added to the water at the rate of 2 tbsp. l. for 1 liter of liquid.
  3. Drain.
  4. The mushrooms are transferred to a container with clean water. Cook over moderate heat for 10 minutes to half an hour.

Black mushrooms during cooking can change color to greenish or purple

In what saucepan to cook milk mushrooms

It is necessary to cook forest gifts in a large bowl. But before you put it on fire, you should pay attention to what material it is made of:

  1. Aluminum, zinc pans. You can use them. But as soon as such dishes are removed from the heat, the mushrooms are removed from it. It can darken due to substances contained in the caps and legs, or cause the formation of toxic compounds in the mushroom broth.
  2. Enamelled pots. These are the most suitable containers for boiling milk mushrooms. But they must be checked for chips and cracks. There should be no damage.
  3. It is impossible to cook forest gifts in dishes made of copper, cast iron, and tin. During heat treatment, substances are released that change the color of the fruit bodies and destroy vitamins. In addition, they are dangerous to humans.

How much salt to put when cooking

Milk mushrooms contain a bitter milky juice. If they are boiled, the liquid will oxidize. To prevent this process, add 2 tbsp to the cooking water. salt and citric acid on the tip of a knife.

Another advice from experienced housewives is to press down on fruit bodies during heat treatment so as not to allow contact with air. This way they will not darken.

The salt is taken strictly not iodized

Is it possible to cook milk mushrooms with other mushrooms

Cooking milk mushrooms in combination with other varieties of mushrooms is not prohibited. But first, they should be soaked in order to get rid of the bitterness that can pass to other fruiting bodies.

How much milk mushrooms need to be cooked

On average, milk mushrooms are boiled for a quarter of an hour. The term may vary. It depends on the variety, size, purpose of cooking the mushrooms.

Advice! Since specimens growing in the forest accumulate a large amount of litter, it is not always easy to clean it off. To facilitate the process, knowledgeable mushroom pickers use toothbrushes or hard sponges for dishes.

How much to cook milk mushrooms until tender

To determine the readiness of forest gifts, they are not guided by the cooking time. There is a more reliable way: if the fruit bodies have sunk to the bottom, they can be removed from the fire.

How much to cook milk mushrooms for pickling and pickling for the winter

So that the preparations for the winter can be stored for a long time without losing their taste, and the mushrooms are crispy, they are prepared as follows:

  1. First, forest gifts are soaked in cold water, in an enamel bowl, regularly changing the water to fresh. It helps to get rid of the bitterness. Soaking black mushrooms lasts up to 5 days, white ones - 2-3 days. If both types are combined together, then they are placed in water for 3 days.
  2. Then the mushrooms are boiled with the addition of salt. White specimens are put on fire for 15 minutes. Blacks are heat treated 2 times for a quarter of an hour, or 3 times for 10 minutes.

Dry milk mushrooms are boiled for 10 minutes before pickling or pickling.

If the soaked white milk mushrooms are planned to be salted using the cold method, then it is not necessary to cook them

For soup, hodgepodge and other dishes

For soups, hodgepodge, fruit bodies do not need to be soaked, since the bitter taste is pronounced when salted. It is recommended to cook them for a quarter of an hour.

For frying or stewing

Fresh fruit bodies cannot be fried or stewed. They should be boiled first. To do this, it is enough to hold the mushrooms in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Then you can start cooking according to the selected recipe. Fried and stewed milk mushrooms are good with vegetable side dishes, grated cheese, potatoes.

Fresh and frozen mushrooms

Heat treatment times for fresh and frozen specimens are the same. There is a difference in preliminary preparation. Before boiling frozen mushrooms, rinse them in cool water. Hot water cannot be used, since the fruit bodies will quickly lose their shape and taste, and begin to creep. They will look unappetizing in dishes.

The zealous housewives not only salt and pickle mushrooms for the winter, but also freeze them in the freezer.

They do it like this:

  1. Washed from forest litter.
  2. Soaked in accordance with all the rules.
  3. Transfer to an enamel pan, cook for 10 minutes.
  4. Salt and add a pinch of citric acid.
  5. Cook for another quarter of an hour. At the same time, the foam formed on the surface is removed.
  6. Finally, season with allspice and cloves.
  7. Allow the liquid to drain by placing the mushrooms in a colander.
  8. Dry on a towel.
  9. Placed on a tray, placed in the freezer for several hours.
  10. Distribute in packages and return back to storage.

Is it possible to digest milk mushrooms

During the cooking of mushrooms, microorganisms are destroyed and the structure of proteins in the pulp is disrupted. This allows you to eliminate the bitter taste and unpleasant odor, soften the fruiting bodies. If you cook forest gifts for up to half an hour, their shape remains intact. Then, during digestion, the natural structure is lost.

How long can you eat boiled milk mushrooms

Unlike salted and pickled specimens, which reach readiness from several days to two months, boiled mushrooms can be eaten almost immediately after cooling. It is only important to follow the rules of their preparation.

What can be cooked from boiled milk mushrooms

It is not for nothing that the lactose in Russia received the name "tsarist". In ancient times, people greatly appreciated this mushroom and came up with many ways to prepare it. Many traditional recipes have survived to this day, and modern chefs and housewives have supplemented them with their own culinary ideas.

Traditional dish of Russian cuisine - gruzdyanka

Traditional dish of Russian cuisine - gruzdyanka

Boiled milk mushrooms go well with meat products, vegetables and root vegetables, herbs. They are used as an independent snack, flavored with oil, and also as an ingredient for various soups and stews, salads, pies and pies, dumplings and dumplings. They are used to prepare mushroom minced meat and caviar, hodgepodge, make preparations for the winter.

Storage rules for boiled milk mushrooms

In order for the boiled fruit bodies to be eaten, they must be properly stored. For these purposes, they take glass or enamel dishes, seal them tightly so that the contents do not come into contact with air. Put in a refrigerator with a temperature of 0-5 0C. They must be used within 24 hours.

Important! If mold appears on the mushrooms or the lid that clogs the container swells, eating such a product is dangerous to health.


In Russia, every housewife knew how to cook milk mushrooms before adding to dishes or salting. These mushrooms are still loved for their extraordinary taste and versatility when preparing for future use. To create real culinary masterpieces with them, it is important to first master the science of safely preparing mushrooms.

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