Candying kiwifruit - This is how it's done

Candying kiwifruit - This is how it's done

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Candied kiwis are a real treat for the palate. Unfortunately, they are always very expensive. But why buy it when you can make it yourself?

Candied kiwi fruit is a delicious snack

Who does not know them, the delicious candied fruits from the supermarket, which are very popular with both young and old. But they don't just taste great. In addition, they are long-lasting and easy to transport. This in turn has the great advantage that you can always have it with you as a small sweet snack on the go.

If you are curious, you can make candied fruit yourself. Kiwifruit can be used e.g. particularly well. It takes a little more time, but you will be rewarded with delicious candied fruit. Just give it a try.

For candied kiwifruit you need:

  • 10 to 15 kiwi fruits (depending on size)
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1 liter of water
  • fine-mesh, heat-resistant sieve
  • Pot with the possibility of hanging the sieve (2 to 3 liters volume)


Day 1:

Prepare the sugar solution from water and sugar and cook it until it pulls strings. Then let it cool to 20 ° Celsius. In the meantime, wash, cut and put the kiwifruit in the strainer in the pot. Then pour the sugar solution over the fruits until they are completely covered and then let everything steep for 24 hours.

Day 2:

Take the strainer out of the pot and bring the sugar solution to the boil again. Then let it cool to 40 ° Celsius. Then pour the sugar solution over the kiwi fruit and let it steep for 24 hours (see day 1).

Day 3 and 4:

Repeat day 2 at least 2 to 3 times, pouring the sugar solution over the kiwis less and less cooled. The last time it has to be boiling hot.

Day 5:

Let the candied kiwis dry well and you're done!