Tinker bird feeder out of clay pot - it's that easy

Tinker bird feeder out of clay pot - it's that easy

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Winter is getting closer and you still have a small clay pot standing around? Then make a food bell out of it! It's easy and quick.

A feeding bell is made quick and easy

Birdhouses are available in countless variations. The price range is correspondingly large. But why spend a lot of money on it when you can easily and inexpensively craft a bird feeder yourself? With just a few materials and little money, you have e.g. In no time at all, a feeding bell is built from a clay pot. The good thing: even inexperienced hobbyists can quickly and easily build a beautiful bird feeder out of a clay pot without great home improvement ambitions. Children are always enthusiastic about it too, because the simple brown clay pots do not have to remain so simple. Children love it when they can still paint or glue them in bright colors.

Make your own food bell out of a clay pot

You need:

  • a clay flower pot, approx. 8 - 10 cm in diameter
  • stable cord
  • a stick, about 5 cm long and not too thin
  • Meisenknödel


If you don't want to hang up a simple brown clay pot, you can first paint it with weatherproof acrylic paint or decorate it with napkin technology - a nice task for children. Once everything has dried, the tinkering continues.

Attach the titballs to the string. Then knot the stick over it. It ensures that the clay pot does not fall as soon as the titballs are eaten by the birds. Then pull the cord from the inside out through the hole in the bottom of the clay pot. So the pot hangs upside down on the cord. Now you can hang up the feeding bell in its designated place in the garden.

Our tip: make bird food for the feeding bell yourself

If you do not want to buy ready-made titballs, you can also equip the food bell with homemade food. Simply pour oatmeal, nuts, raisins and bird feed into soft, unseasoned lard or coconut fat. In the meantime, tie a ribbon tightly around a small branch. The knot should sit about 5 to 10 cm below the branch end. Then pull the ribbon and the branch through the hole in the clay pot and knot it tightly. Then put the birdseed mass in the clay pot, press firmly and refrigerate for a while. Then you can hang the clay pot outside. Here again everything explained in the video:

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