Storing onions - simple & uncomplicated

Storing onions - simple & uncomplicated

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Onions can be stored particularly well and for a long time if you take a few important points into account. You can find valuable tips here.

Bulbs can be stored long and easily

Onions generally last a long time, but there are differences, some are more suitable.

Basically, the late varieties that are harvested in autumn are much better than those that are ready for harvest in spring or summer. The varieties harvested in autumn can be stored all winter. The onions harvested in the warm season should always be used up in a few weeks.

The heat also has an impact on the storage life of onions. The spicy varieties contain substances that contain sulfur, which are also responsible for tearing the eyes when cutting. However, these are also the reason why they can be stored for a long time. The milder varieties are easier to cut, but are not suitable for longer storage.

Before storing your own onions

Let the onions ripen

If you want to store onions from your own harvest, you should only get a sufficiently firm skin after the harvest. This happens completely simply by simply ripening. Find a warm, airy place where it is also dry, for example, it could be a shed. Spread out a tarp there and place the harvested onions on it. No sun should shine on it, this could lead to a bitter taste.

Remove roots

The onions are ready after about four weeks. The skin on the stems should then be withered and otherwise tightly enclose the onion. Before storing, the roots are cut off with a sharp knife. Onions with a cracked peel, pressure marks or green stems are discarded. Shorten the leaves to around three centimeters, but you can also leave them there and braid them.

Store the onions properly

As for the storage of onions, it is an undemanding vegetable. If the conditions are good, you can store them for up to six months.

➢ Tip 1:
In any case, it is important that the storage location is cool, dry and dark. If the brightness is too high, they will quickly drive out. If the place is too damp, there is a risk of decay from the inside. The ideal place to store onions is in the cellar as long as it is dry there.

➢ Tip 2:
Place the onion so that it does not sweat. So in baskets, nets or simply on a clean surface. If you don't have a cellar, you can store the onions in a pantry as long as it is dark and not too warm. However, they stay there for a maximum of four to six weeks.

➢ Tip 3:
Whole onions do not belong in the fridge, you can only store cut onions there. Place the onions in a plastic container with the cut surface down, then it is sealed airtight. This way you can keep the cut onion for another two days.